Ohio Section Speaker's Bureau



1. C. Matthew Curtin KD8TTE
Topics: ARESMAT, Traffic Handling, Amateur Radio in CERT
Happy to go anywhere in Ohio, either in person or by Skype (prefers in person)
Contact: kd8tte@arrl.net

2. Dale Bauer W8KTQ
Topics: HF Antennas, Contesting
Willing to travel within an approximate 1 hour radius of Sunbury, OH 43074
Contact: daleb365@gmail.com  or 614-561-8530

3. Jack Purdum W8TEE
Topics: Applying microcontrollers to Amateur Radio
Willing to travel within 2 hour radius of Cincinnati, possibly Cleveland area
Contact: jjpurdum@yahoo.com  or 317-431-5206

4. Scott Yonally N8SY
Topics: ARRL activities and programs
Willing to go anywhere in the OH Section

Can do Zoom, Teams, or other similar types of internet connection
Contact: n8sy@n8sy.com  or 419-512-4445

5. Tom Sly WB8LCD
Topics: Building a FUN Amateur Radio Club, QRP operating, Portable operating
Willing to go anywhere in the OH Section

Can do Zoom, Teams, or other similar types of internet connection
Contact: tomsly29@gmail.com  or 330-554-4650


6. Eric Jessen N8AUC

Topics:  Solar Power for Ham Radio; Care and feeding of Analog Meters; NVIS Antennas for Public Service

Willing to travel Im located in the western suburbs of Cleveland, and driving within a 2 hour radius of Cleveland is not a problem. Utilizing Zoom or Webex will eliminate any distance restrictions.

Contact: n8auc@arrl.net or 440-554-3057





Tom Sly, WB8LCD is continuing to collect information on club presentations and is always on the look-out for speakers that are willing to help out and do their presentations for clubs around the Ohio Section.


You don't necessarily have to travel. With the technology of today, you could easily do a webinar, Google Hangouts, or Skype presentation right from the comforts of your own shack. Bob Heil, K9EID does this all the time! You might be surprised just how easy this really is now days.


If you've had or conducted an interesting presentation at a club meeting in the last 12 months, please send an email to Tom.  He would like to know: 


1) The topic or the name of the presentation,


2) the name and call sign of the presenter,


3) the name and location of the club,


4) do clubs usually have interesting presentations (Y/N),


5) has your club ever had a presentation done over Skype or some other internet service?


Tom stresses that he would like this information from all club members - not just club officers!  You can email Tom at: tomsly29@gmail.com


Your participation in this program will benefit all the clubs in the Ohio Section.


Our goal is to see this list grow. The more presenters we have on the list, the more interesting your club meetings will be.