Ohio Hamfests



06/17/2017 | Milford Hamfest 27th Annual
Location: Milford, OH
Sponsor: Milford Amateur Radio Club
Website: http://www.w8mrc.com


07/08/2017 | GARS Germantown Hamfest
Location: Germantown, OH
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Germantown Amateur Radio Society (GARS)
Website: http://GARSohio.org

07/09/2017 | 20/9 Radio Club Hamfest, Computer & Electronics Show
Location: Austintown, OH
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: 20/9 Radio Club, Inc.
Website: http://20over9.org

07/15/2017 | NOARSFEST
Location: Elyria, OH
Sponsor: Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society
Website: http://noars.net


07/16/2017 | Van Wert Hamfest
Location: Van Wert, OH
Sponsor: Van Wert Amateur Radio Club
Website: http://w8fy.org

07/30/2017 | Portage Hamfair '17
Location: Ravenna, OH
Sponsor: Portage Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
Website: http://hamfair.com


08/05/2017 | 2017 Columbus, Ohio Hamfest
Location: Grove City, OH
Sponsor: Voice of Aladdin Amateur Radio Club, W8FEZ
Website: http://columbushamfest.com


08/20/2017 | Warren ARA Tailgatefest
Location: Cortland, OH
Sponsor: Warren Amateur Radio Association
Website: http://w8vtd.org


08/27/2017 | 9th Annual Cuyahoga Falls ARC Tailgate Hamfest
Location: Stow, OH
Sponsor: Cuyahoga Falls Amateur Radio Club
Website: http://www.cfarc.org/tailgate.php


09/10/2017 | Findlay Hamfest
Location: Findlay, OH
Sponsor: Findlay Radio Club
Website: http://www.findlayradioclub.org

09/23/2017 | OH-KY-IN ARS Hamfest
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Sponsor: OH-KY-IN Amateur Radio Society
Website: http://www.ohkyin.org


09/24/2017 | Cleveland Hamfest and Computer Show
Location: Berea, OH
Sponsor: Hamfest Association of Cleveland
Website: http://www.hac.org


Great Lakes HamCon

10/07/2017 | Great Lakes Division Convention
Location: Brooklyn, MI
Sponsor: Great Lakes Amateur Radio Association
Website: http://GLHamCon.org

10/29/2017 | Massillon ARC Hamfest
Location: Massillon, OH
Sponsor: Massillon Amateur Radio Club
Website: http://www.w8np.org



11/04/2017 | Grant ARC Hamfest
Location: Georgetown, OH
Sponsor: Grant Amateur Radio Club
Website: http://garcohio.net/