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ARRL's volunteer Amateur Radio operators help their communities in good times and bad, through

community events, disaster

response, and various programs



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Section Emergency Coordinator



Stan Broadway, N8BHL

3677 Peel Road

Radnor, OH 43066

Phone: (614) 562-3130






8AM-4:30 PM*

We have a new location this year!


Marion Technical College (shared with Ohio State Marion Campus)

1467 Mt Vernon Ave

Marion OH 43302


This campus is just west of Rt. 23 at the 95 exit.  

It seats 150 (in the big cushy seats) plus another dozen or so if needed!

But please be aware - since seating is limited - you'll need to register for this conference!!


There’s food all around the campus, even a Starbucks and a really big “Rural King” right down the street.  So make plans now!  I’ll be sending around more emails about this, but we at some point would like to know how many are coming from your county…so talk it over!  


Do you have a comm vehicle, trailer, truck, or rolling palace? Bring it!!   


We would like to make this a highlight! 


>> Register Here <<



I do expect the other EC’s and ARES management team members to make every effort to attend our conference, on September 24th.  And, I invite ALL ARES members to attend. Our team has put together a very interesting, informative session that you can take back and apply to your own organizations!   


Here’s the overview of our agenda:


0800      Registration - coffee       


0830      ARES business opening  (including ARESMAT update)


1000      RNC report

(Roundtable discussion of the local preparation and execution during RNC week.  We’ll start with a brief description then open for questions, aimed at how you can apply our experience to your local groups.)    


1130      Ohio SET 2016 – Not Your Mama’s Exercise 


Lunch    Numerous local fast food nearby    


1300      HIPAA training


1400      FEMA presentation – Keep your family safe!


1500      Volunteer motivation


Our traditional Go-Box display will be an attraction, so bring your equipment both large and small!


I encourage you to bring along your communication vehicle!  These are becoming more useful and you can share your ideas and building tips!  



Great Job to all that worked BOTH conventions


RNC Cleveland & NAACP Cincinnati!!


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