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"Ohio NVIS Day"



Final Results are in!! 

After reviewing all the reports several times, here’s how it all breaks down.

To say there was a veritable plethora of antennas used would be a gross understatement. Everything from the usual dipole and inverted-v to even Double Bazookas, Collinear Arrays and Carolina Windoms came into play. The one thing most had in common is they were designed for NVIS, being used at low elevations from the ground … eight feet being the lowest to an average of 16 feet with a few at 25 feet. It is difficult to determine a real winner between any of them as no reference antenna was used, and all were in different locations around the state.

That said, on 40 meters the inverted-v seemed to have a slight advantage over the dipole, however both seemed to work more out of state contacts than in state which can be attributable to band conditions.

On 80 meters it was a toss-up between dipole and inverted-v antennas, most likely due to all being used at low elevations. The AS-2259 antennas seemed to work well for all who used them, especially when the switch to 80 meters was made. Again it is difficult to declare a winner between them and other antennas due to band conditions and locations across the state.

That's it..

73, Lynn, W8MLL


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