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Stan Broadway, N8BHL

3677 Peel Road

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2017 Ohio ARES Leadership Meeting

April 01, 2017

Marion Technical College / OSU - Marion Campus

1467 Mt. Vernon Avenue, Marion

Check-in at 8am

Here’s the agenda thus far:


  8-9 registration

  9-10 ARES Ohio business: NIMS training, reporting forms, regional nets,

          SARGE, ODPS Credentialing ARESMAT


  10-11: The changing face of traffic handling  (Matt Curtin KD8TTE)


  11-12: A new messaging system for Ohio: Winlink  (Bryan Hoffman KC8EGV)


  1-2: MARCS Radio explained:  Dick Miller, Field Operations Manager, Oho



  2-3: Our “First Customer” the EMA how we can help each other  Sean Miller

         KD8RBM President, Ohio EMA Directors Association


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