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Did you know that the Ohio Section is rich with Amateur Radio history? Did you know that we date all the way back to 1926?

The ARRL has divided the United States into 71 Sections and the Ohio Section just happens to be the largest in population of hams, and ARRL members. This is because Ohio has not been partitioned as a number of states have been. Every state that is bigger in population  than Ohio has multiple sections within it.

We thank you for being a part of the ARRL's biggest and greatest Section. 
Tom Sly, WB8LCD

Ohio Section Manager


Ohio Section Managers Listing


Howard C.Storck, 8BYN

Jul-1926 - Sep-1928

Howard C. Storck, W8BYN

Oct-1928 - Aug-1930



Harry A. Tummonds, W8BAH

Sep-1930 - Aug-1934

Robert Irvine, W8CIO

Sep-1934 - Sept-1936



E H Gibbs, W8AQ

Oct-1936 - Sep-1942

D C McCoy, W8CBI

Oct-1942 - Sep- 1944



Carl F. Wiehe, W8MFP

Oct-1944 - Sep-1946

William D. Montgomery, W8PNQ

Oct-1946 - Dec-1946



William D. Montgomery, W8PNQ

Jan-1947 - Oct-1948

Dr. Harold E. Stricker, W8WZ

Nov-1948 - Oct-1950



Leslie Misch, W8HGW

Nov-1950 - Oct-1951

John E. Sirlinger, W8AJW

Nov-1951 - Dec-1955



Wilson E. Weckel, W8AL

Jan-1956 - Apr-1968

Richard A. Egbert, W8ETU

May-1968 - Mar-1972



William E. Clausen, W8IMI

Apr-1972 - May-1974

Henry R. Greeb, W8CHT

Jun-1974 - Sep-1978



Harold C. Chapman, WB8JGW

Oct-1978 - Sep-1980

Allan L. Severson, AB8P

Oct-1980 - Sep-1984



Jeffrey A. Maass, K8ND

Oct-1984 - Sep-1988

John P. Haungs, WA8STX

Oct-1988 - Sep-1990



David Kersten, N8AUH

Oct-1990 - Sep-1998

Joseph J. Phillips, K8QOE

Oct-1998 - Jul-2009



Frank J. Piper, KI8GW

Sep-2009 - Dec-2013

Scott D. Yonally, N8SY

Jan-2014 - Dec-2020


Thomas R. Sly

Jan-2021 - Current