Traffic Handling

Some Quick Tips On Traffic Handling On Voice Nets:


Making a written list of traffic you need to transmit by destination, e.g. Michigan, West Virginia, or 9th Region, 4th Region etc., prior to checking into a net; have the traffic readily available in an orderly manner so as not to require a frantic search for it when the time comes to send it. Example: MI 2, NY 1, 5RN 3 - Manila file folders work well for sorting by REGION destination.

If using push-to-talk operation when transmitting a message, un-key the microphone often so the receiving station may break in if necessary.


Remember to send your message slow enough for the receiving station to copy your message on paper.

Use the NATO International Phonetic Alphabet. The phonetics have been used and tested over the past 50 years so as to preclude any ambiguity in their meaning.


The number ZERO (0) is not the letter "O". It is pronounced as ZERO and not as OH or OWE. The letter "O" phonetically is OSCAR.



Amateur call sign KB0ABC is Kilo Bravo Zero Alfa Bravo Charlie and not Kay Bee Owe Aay Bee Cee. Think of the foregoing example when seeing the number ZERO in a message.


Use pro-words to identify what is coming next in a message being transmitted:

FIGURE or FIGURES identifies the next piece of information as a number or group of numbers.


INITIAL (s) or LETTERS-GROUP identifies the next item as a single letter group or group of letters (e.g. an acronym such as ARES) spelled out using the NATO International Phonetic Alphabet.


(word) I SPELL identifies the next word as having a unique spelling or is a proper name, Chrysteen I SPELL, Charlie Hotel Romeo Yankee Sierra Tango Echo Echo November, Chrysteen.


Breaks in text identified by the letter "X" are always sent as INITIAL X-RAY.  */__/*


The net control station's operating frequency is always the correct frequency for all members of the net, regardless if it is not the normal net frequency.


The net control station will always direct the station receiving traffic to call the station sending the traffic.