Did you know that you are already a member of the ARRL Ohio Section if you live in Ohio, hold an Amateur Radio license and are a member of the American Radio Relay League. We ask you to not only understand what the Ohio Section is but to participate where you can. This participation is the basis of ARRL in Ohio and you can be an active part of it. 
First there are 71 Sections in the United States and the Ohio Section is the largest both in number of hams and number of ARRL members 28,000 / 6,300. Basically this is because Ohio is the largest state in the US not partitioned. Every state bigger than Ohio has from two to nine Sections in it. Here are some areas you can participate and remember every one listed here is a volunteer dedicated to Ham Radio and the American Radio Relay League. 

  Emergency Communications (ARES)

SEC - Stan Broadway, N8BHL

Our most popular appointment is those who serve the Amateur Radio Emergency Service. Each of our 88 counties have an Emergency Coordinator appointed to operate ARES programs in that county. The Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) runs this program. 

Message Handling: 

STM - Dave Maynard, WA3EZN

Traffic Nets Even in the days of E-mail and other electronic means of communication, the National Traffic System (sending messages by radio) continues to operate. Ohio has one statewide phone net - the Ohio Single-Side Band Net (OSSBN) and three CW statewide nets. These are listed in each month's edition of Section News. In addition all our major metropolitan areas have nets on VHF and UHF repeaters. Ohio's traffic nets are among the best in the US.


PIC - John Ross, KD8IDJ

Public relations.. First rule of the Public Relations Manuel is to have our own people know what is going on. Club newsletters are a key here. Public Information Officers not only are in charge of newsletters but also informing public media outlets about ham radio news. The Public Information Coordinator (PIC) runs this program. 



  Official Observers

OOC - John Perone, W8RXX

The Official Observers (Amateur Auxiliary) is Ohio's fastest growing program. Official Observers are hams to monitor frequencies (HF and VHF/UHF repeaters) to advise hams of poor operating practices and write "Good Guy Reports" to outstanding radio operators where they find them. The Official Observer Coordinator (OOC) runs this program. 

Affiliated Clubs: 

ACC - Tom Sly, WB8LCD

To assist qualified ham radio clubs who obtain and maintain Special Service Club and/or Affiliated Club status in the ARRL. The Affiliated Clubs Coordinator (ACC) runs this program. 



  Government Liaisons

SGL - Bob Winston, W2THU

With a myriad of city councils, county commissions, boards of zoning appeals and school boards across Ohio, Local Government Liaisons monitor the activities of these civic boards to see if any actions affect ham radio directly. The State Government Liaison (SGL) operates this program and officially monitors the Ohio Legislature, Governor and State Supreme Court. 



Technical Specialists: 

TC - Jeffrey Kopcak, K8JTK

Hams in this program are electronic specialists who stand ready to assist hams and non-hams when thorny interference problems arise. The Technical Coordinator (TC) runs this program. 

The above sketches are just some of what's happening in the Ohio Section. For more information on any ARRL program, please contact the Ohio Section person running that program. You'll find these dedicated hams full contact information in the Ohio Section Cabinet listing. Beside these programs, the Ohio Section has three jewels which distinguishes it from the other 70 Sections. We offer the
Ohio Section Journal, a monthly publication which explains current Section activities. For your convenience the OSJ comes in two formats, a text version and a web version. An Annual Ohio Ham Radio Newsletter Competition to honor excellence in ham radio reporting and the Ohio Section Conference
  where Ohio hams holding appointments can gather and exchange ideas for improving our work. No other section in the United States does even two of these things. 
The Ohio Section also features seven Assistant Section Managers. One from each of the five areas of Ohio - Northwest Ohio, Northeast Ohio, Central Ohio, Southwest Ohio, Southeast Ohio and two unique positions - Training and Scouting - to insure all aspects of our large and diverse state are represented.
Thank you for being a part of the ARRL's biggest and greatest Section. 
Scott Yonally, N8SY

Ohio Section Manager


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