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In today’s publishing world there are now many different types of formats for submission of a newsletter to be entered in the Ohio Section Newsletter Contest (paper, electronic text, pdf, desktop publishing and html, to name a few). Each one of these different formats has its own unique positives and negatives, and as such are not part of the judging / scoring of the contest. Section C of the rules breaks down how the newsletter will be judged / scored without any bias toward any particular type of publishing format.

Here are the rules for the 2018 entries:

A.) An eligible newsletter must be regularly published at least four (4) times per year by an Ohio Amateur Radio organization. The Ohio Section Journal and the newsletter for any club that the current PIC is affiliated with are not eligible.

B.) Each organization submitting a newsletter for the contest must enter at least two (2) issues starting with January 2017 for judging. All Amateur organizations that have regularly been sending newsletters to the Ohio PIC are automatically entered (as long as these publications qualify under rule A, or C if applicable). Unless you are automatically entered, the deadline for entries is Saturday, June 30, 2018, and all entries must be in the hands of the Ohio PIC by that date.

C.) Electronic (Web based) produced newsletters may also enter. Non-amateurs, in the Public Relations industry will do the judging. They will be judging on style (15%), content (35%), service to membership (35%), and clarity of presentation (15%). Style means newsletter design of all pages. Content means amount of useful information contained in the newsletter. Service to members means amount of information using individual members' names. Clarity of presentation means readability of the newsletter including accuracy of English grammar.

D.) No entries can be returned and all decisions of the judges on content and eligibility are final. The Ohio PIC only serves to certify entries, to provide the judges with entries, and to announce their decisions only.

E.) The decision of the judges is final.

Like previous years, we are keeping our Honorable Mention categories. It allows the judges to award special and unique efforts.

You can send your January 2018 newsletter in late December, if that's when you usually publish it.

Our judges for the past three years are again on-board for 2018. They are all seasoned journalists and public relations professionals. They have been in the trenches and understand the work it takes to turn out a newsletter every month. And, they have been impressed every year with the effort that every club makes and the tremendous evolution we have made as amateur radio operators and communicators.

So, crank up the presses and send me your 2018 newsletters. Good luck, and remember, everyone is a winner!


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