Ohio Responds

Information Page



Hi, and welcome to the Ohio Responds OHIO ARES information page


This page is designed to help guide you through the application process of the Ohio Responds website. Because the Ohio Responds website was originally designed for First Responders and folks in the medical field, some things are different for how we, as Ohio ARES Volunteers, will complete the form and information process.


In order for you to get registered for Ohio Responds - Ohio ARES will will need to be sure that you already have your four (4) NIMS courses, IS-100, 200, 700 & 800 completed and submitted into the Ohio ARES database. There will be NO exceptions to this.


Not sure if you are listed. Here's a link to go check..  http://arrl-ohio.org/SEC/special/nims_roster.html


What does signing up for Ohio Responds do for me?   >> Click Here <<  to read about the Limited Liability Insurance that you will have with it.


If you have questions, please call or write me.. I'll be happy to help you through this process


Scott, N8SY..   n8sy@n8sy.com or 419-512-4445




NOTE>>  Before you start the registration process, you'll need to make sure

that Pop-ups are allowed on your web browser - This is a MUST


Here's a link to Ohio Reponds website registration page:  https://www.ohioresponds.odh.ohio.gov/


1. )  You'll need to setup what organization you are associated with. It's on a (+) Add Organizations. Click on this

        and a Pop-up will appear.


2.)  Amateur Radio Organizations will be at the top of the list. You'll need to click on the little (+) sign just to the

       left of this in order for a new Pop-Up to appear.


Make sure that you get signed up under one of the


and NOT just under Amateur Radio Organization



       A.) You will now see Districts 1 -10. You need to select which District you are in. If you are not aware of

              what District you are in, click on this link to bring up a map that will help you.



3.)  If you already know or have found which district you are in, then click on the appropriate district. Then click

      "Select" on the bottom right corner of this Pop-Up window. This action will then take you back out to the

      registration page. If you notice, the District that you selected will now appear at the top box labeled



4.)  Next is the Account Information - this is where you will start to setup your account. Complete these boxes with

      your information (Please write all of you answers down on a piece of paper for future use)


5.)  There are two (2) Terms of Service boxes that must be checked


6.)  There are two (2) Liability Protection boxes that also must be checked


7.)  Complete the Name and Address boxes


       A.)  NOTE>>  Use the "Suffix" box to place your Amateur Radio Call Sign


       B.)  If you have already established an account for another organization, you will not be allowed by

              the system to go back and edit this. Please - if this is the case, send me an email and I will

              edit your account so that it will appear


8.)   It is NOT necessary for you to complete the Alternate Address boxes you can just leave these blank


9.)  Fill in the EMAIL and Contact boxes with a good reliable email address and telephone numbers. This is how

       the system and WE will communicate with you


10.) Occupation will be NON-MEDICAL for Amateur Radio Operators - once selected the window will drop

       down and two (2) more choices will appear. Occupation ( RADIO OPERATOR ) and your professional

       status for this occupation will be ( ACTIVE )


11.) Once this information is entered another Pop-Up will appear. This will tell you that you are now registered

       for Ohio Responds. This does not mean that you are done, there are a number of items that you will need to

       complete before we will sign off.  On this Pop-up there is a link ( PROFILE SUMMARY ), click on it. It

       will bring up a summary page of what has and has not been completed yet. It will be up to you to complete

       each of the categories before being finally approved.


Got questions? Please don't hesitate to call me.