Handbook Giveaway !!


And the winner is...


Ralph Bower, KC8REB



Since we've had such a great response with the Giveaway

 this month, I added some hats to "Give Away" as well !!


So the winners of the hats are:


Tom Cooper, N8OSC

Rodney Jones, AC8GU

Greg Straley, KC8DVG




I want to thank EVERYONE that participated!! 



See ya' next time around!!


Keep looking for the big RED arrow on the main page

 and get registered for a chance to win!!


You never know, it may be YOU..




Handbook Winners..  You could be next!!


December Richard Nagel W8KU Parma
January Tom Williams K9DAC Dayton
February Gary Clark KE8BVP Grove City
March John Bastin K8AJS Wooster
April Barbara Freeman KD8SYA Marion
May - Dayton Bill Watson KB3USC Bowie, MD
May - Dayton John Kuchar KD8TMW Lansing, MI
June Tom Bishop W8TAB Rocky River
June Andrew Pliszka WB8YDP Bristolville
July 4th Beck Numbers KC8NQE Lancaster
July Howard Basham KD8FSH Moscow
July Larry Simpson N8UVH Canal Winchester
August James Haffner KD8ZEW Cincinnati
September Stephen Hughes KC8ACS Jefferson
October Gregg Gary WB8YYS Kent
Thanksgiving Jacquelyn Swinehart KE8EVU Clinton
November Gregg Russel  KB8USO Logan
Christmas Bradley Ruhberg N3CZP Maumee
December Rachael Allstatter KE8EFI Cincinnati
January Thomas Hayner KD8PUA Toledo
February Dave Kersten N8AUH Sebring
March Al LeRoy W8RKY Vienna
April Beck Boban KD8UAE Madison
May - Dayton Mark Studer KC8FQV Aurora
May - Dayton Scott Palluth K9SPP Carol Stream, IL
June Paula Robbins KB8MQU Columbus
July Eric Benedict WD8MHR Shalersville
August Patrick Quinlan KA8DAL Canton
September Ralph Bower KC8REB Mount Vernon