Ohio Section Google Calendar and how to add events to it.


I have written these instructions to hopefully help you post your event on the Ohio Section Calendar. If you just can’t seem to get your account set up, or you'd just rather not register your email with Google, I understand. Please feel free to email me with your event details and I’ll post them for you.


If you are already a Google account holder you are in luck. You can by-pass most of what I’m going to tell you, as that the first 8 steps are specific on how to establish a Google Account and get your Google Calendar up and running.


If you have a Google account established, but haven’t set up a calendar yet, go to step 9. If you already have a calendar setup and running, you can skip to step 10.


 The following instructions assume that you already have a valid email account established somewhere. This is required prior to establishing your Google Calendar Account.


Now, let's get started..


1.) Go to www.google.com/calendar  and click on the blue button on the right hand side of the screen “Create an account”


2.) Type in the email address you want to use and any password with 8 or more characters in it. The email address has to be a legitimate one, as that they will be sending you an email to that address to confirm that it is a true email account.


3.) Then fill in the rest of the information to establish your account. Yes, you’ll need to give your real birthday as that you do sign-up to the fact that the information you are giving them is accurate and true. Then hit the “I accept, create my account” button


4.) There’ll be a new page open up that instructs you to verify the email account that you have given them. Simply click on the link next to your email. As soon as you click on this link an email is sent to that email account you just gave them.


5.) Go to your email account and open up the message from Google. The subject line will be “Google email verification.” To activate your account you must click on the link in that email to verify your email account with them.


6.) As soon as you have clicked on the link a new page opens up. This one will tell you that you have just now verified your Google account and it is now activated.


7.) Click on the Google “home” button in the upper right hand corner of the page. This will then open up your Google account and you are taken to the normal opening page for Google


8.) Now that you have an account established you are almost there.


9.) There are several ways to get to the calendar section, but the easiest way is to go to the tabs at the top of the page and click on the “more” tab. This opens up a drop down listing. About ½ way down that list you’ll see “calendar” link, click on that. This now opens up your personal calendar. You can also go to: www.google.com/calendar  


10.)  In order to see what’s on the Ohio Section Calendar you’ll need to establish a connection to it. To do this, look on the left hand side of the page. You’ll see a section about ½ way down labeled “Other calendars” and a text box just under that. You’ll need to type in the address of the Ohio Section Calendar in that text box. Type the following: google@arrl-ohio.org  and hit enter. This is the account for the Ohio Section Calendar.


11.)  Once you have done this you’ll start to see the calendar populate with all of the data from the Ohio Section Calendar.


12.)  Now you’re linked. This is where the fun begins. You can add your event by simply double clicking on the date of your event in the calendar.


13.)  This opens up a number of self explanatory boxes that you’ll need to fill in with the information about your event. At the bottom of the page you’ll see a “Privacy” area with 3 possible selections for your posting. You’ll want to be sure to click on the “Public” selection.


14.)  Once you have entered all the data you must hit the “Save” button at the bottom of the page. This saves your event and you’re taken back to the calendar. You should see your event appear on the calendar. Now for a quick explanation, you are not seeing the Ohio Section Calendar. You are actually viewing YOUR calendar with all the events of the Ohio Section Calendar added to it.


15.)  In order for your event to appear on the Ohio Section Calendar you’ll need to click on your event. This will bring up a small box where it will ask you to either “delete” the event or “Edit the event details.” You’ll want to click on the “Edit the event details”.


16.)  Now you’ll see all the data that you entered. In the middle of that page you’ll also see “Calendar” and a drop-down beside it. You’ll want to click on that drop-down. You need to change the ownership of that event. So, you need to be sure to select “New owner.” When you do, a new page opens up. You need to type in the following email address: google@arrl-ohio.org  and then hit “Change owner. This will then transfer ownership of that event from you to the Ohio Section. You can not do this before you save your event. It will only allow you to transfer ownership AFTER you have saved your event.

17.)  After you have successfully transferred ownership, you’ll be taken back to your calendar. You’ll see a small message at the top of the calendar in “yellow” that states “Message sent” This indicates that you have successfully transferred the ownership of your event on your calendar to the Ohio Section. I will then receive an email indicating the transfer. I then sign on and approve your event.


18.) That's it.. Happy hunting. If you just can't seem to get this to work for you, email me.. I'll do my best to work you through it.  Scott.. webmaster@arrl-ohio.org