Hey Gang,

Ken Dorsey, KA8OAD has come up with a way to make the openSPOT work wirelessly. Here's how..


Portable DMR hotspot (completely self-contained for easy transport and setup)

Here are some pictures of a completely self-contained portable DMR hotspot I built using the SharkRF openSPOT, a wireless WiFi to Ethernet adaptor, MD-380 and a portable cell phone charger/battery pack with dual USB outputs (1A and 2A) which powers the openSPOT (connected to the 2A output) and WiFi to Ethernet adaptor (connected to the 1A output).

Here is the system packed up for transport, the foam is covering the MD-380 HT to secure it tightly in the plastic box since it is the only device that is not physically attached:


Here is the system open (the battery pack is under the Netgear WiFi to Ethernet adaptor):

Here is a picture of the system powered up and operational, connected via WiFi:

Here is a picture of the system operational with the lid closed:

The antenna on the openSPOT has to be slightly less than vertical for the lid to close completely.

This setup should run for hours, days??? on a fully charged battery pack. I tested it for 8 hours on a battery that was only 75% charged and still had over 50% charge left.

You will need to attach a laptop to the WiFi to Ethernet adaptor to configure it for the WiFi network that you wish to use (unplug the Ethernet cable from the openSPOT and plug it into the laptop), once configured he WiFi to Ethernet adaptor maintains the configuration for that WiFi connection indefinitely even when powered off. When you need to connect to a different WiFi network it would again require a laptop to re-configure the device for the new WiFi network. As of this writing there are rumors that the next version of the openSPOT hardware will have WiFi built-in, if that is the case then the WiFi to Ethernet adaptor will no longer be necessary.

The openSPOT, WiFi to Ethernet adaptor and portable battery pack are all attached using adhesive backed Velcro for easy removal when necessary.


Here is a list of parts with pricing:

  SharkRF openSPOT hotspot $215 from Grapevine Amateur Radio

  Tytera (TYT) MD-380 DMR HT $89.99 from Amazon

  Netgear WNCE2001 WiFi to Ethernet hotspot (discontinued)

  >>** You can purchase the VONETS VAR11N-300 Mini Multi-Functional Wireless Portable Wifi Router/ Wifi Bridge/ Wifi Repeater 300Mbps 802.11n Protocol  from Amazon for $18.94

  RAVpower  13000mAh dual USB output Portable Charger Power Bank External Battery Pack $26.99 Amazon

  >>** you can also purchase the Portable Chargers RAVPower External Battery Pack 16750mAh 4.5A Dual USB Output External Phone Charger Battery Bank Power Bank (iSmart 2.0 Technology) for Nintendo Switch, iPhone 7, Galaxy S8 - White   from Amazon for $23.99

  StarTech A to right angle micro B USB cable (3ft) $3.99 Amazon

  Plastic parts bin box $4.99 Harbor Freight

  Flat Cat 6 Ethernet cable 1.5 ft $8.99 Amazon (6 pack) approx. $1.49 ea (flat cable is easier to run in the box)

  Adhesive backed Velcro $2.99 at Hobby Lobby

  Final cost approximately $395 (+- tax) with MD-380,  $289 (+- tax) without MD-380



Ken Dorsey KA8OAD