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OHIO Statewide MD380/390 DMR Code Plug


This includes every known DMR repeater in OHIO that is on the air


Hello Ohio DMR user:

Attached please find this month's Ohio DMR code plug for your reference and use. There are a few changes/modifications/additions that have been noted in the attached .txt file. 

I have added three new repeater to the code plug this month:

Copley (Akron area) - 444.5125 CC7 WB8AVD member of the Brandmeister network. - Note that Ohio 3139 IS NOT full time on any time slot currently. This will change at some point. 

Gallipolis- 444.1125 - CC7 KD8SPV member of a private network that has some Brandmeister affiliated talk groups. 

Bowling Green- 443.9125 - CC1 WD8LEI member of the Brandmeister network


As many of you are aware, the MD380 (non hacked firmware) will only hold a total of 1000 contacts. This limits my ability to import callsigns  and names to display on your radio. I usually just pull Ohio 3139 activity. Well, Hamvention activity blew that concept up. There is almost 2000 unique callsigns that are now appearing in that database. To limit things, I had to import calls that have been active on 3139 in April, May, or June. My apologies if you dropped off. Simply key up on 3139 this month and you will get added back in. 


There is lots of talk around the state about the new dual band DMR radios that are being released. The first few mobile radios have already been heard on the air. I wanted to let you know of what you can expect from me in the future. The TYT MD-2017 should be shipping in quantity late this month or early July. I plan on creating a code plug to support this unit. I ask that you give me a month or two to refine it internally. When the MD380 first came out, there were LOTS of firmware and CPS changes initially. This caused a certain level of frustration with code plug features and compatibility. I am also hearing that TYT is developing a utility that will allow a user to convert their MD380 code plug to a format supported by the MD-2017. TYT understands this major "want" from the amateur community.

With that said, I have had many folks that have contacted me with offers to help. I am very appreciative of this. It is going to take a community of folks to maintain all of the code plugs for these next generation of radios. Remember, the Ohio codeplug is shared so that you can have a good "jump off" spot to get on the air fast. The hope is that you customize it to your liking. If you need help, just let me know. I will get you matched up with someone in your area. 





**There have been some major talk group configuration changes to the DMR MARC connected repeaters in Cincinnati South, Dayton, Kettering and Piqua. They have removed some talk groups (UA113, Midwest, TAC 310) and they have moved talk groups around to different time slots. Most notably, Ohio-3139 is now on TS 1. Unlike Brandmeister, these are hard changes in the CBridge. So you will not hear anything on these machines, even if you key up for a PTT-Activated TG. Please flash your radio or review this plug to modify your radio if you use these machines. ** Some of these removed talk groups can be reached via a reflector (see below). Also, local QSO's are now on Local 8 TS1. This TG connects the Cincinnati and Dayton area up on a common channel. I left Local 2 TS2 in there based on local user feedback. 


The above mentioned DMR MARC connected machines now subscribe to reflectors that are carried on the DMR+ network. Please reference this website for a "how to":


There has been a lot of chatter about DMR coverage while on the grounds of the new Hamvention location. This code plug does contain a repeater that will be located on the grounds during the show. I am sure there will be others located there that might be used. I am happy to add more to the zone if you are aware of the particulars. There should be "decent" DMR coverage in Xenia. More to come next month on that subject. 


(Added in cde plug dated 2/6/2017)

I also added a new zone called Front Panel Programming (FPP). With the latest versions of software for the MD380/390 you can now program the radio on the fly. The problem is, you had to overwrite an existing channel in a zone. With the FPP zone, you now have 16 channels with no info preloaded. Use this zone to create a channel for local activity when you travel. Or, many are using dongles or OpenSpot's, put that frequency and talk group in there. Some simply want a talk group on a local machine I do not have preloaded in the plug. This zone is for you. What you manually add from the radio menu will become part of the code plug. The best part, when compared to a similar function on Motorola's, this does not reset at radio power cycle. Here is a link to a YouTube video that walks you through the process:


As DMR continues to grow, it was getting tricky to add new users to the contact list. We simply maxed the memory out (unless you are running the hacked firmware). To fix that, I have taken a different approach to what contacts I import to this code plug. Now, I only import those who have had a QSO on Ohio statewide (3139). So if someone you know is not listed, ensure they have a short QSO on 3139 and they will be listed in the next update. 


**This program has been updated to make this process very easy. Check it out if you need a code plug created for other radios. **


Many have asked if I can provide a code plug for other radios. At this time, the labor involved just to maintain the MD380/390 code plug is very time consuming when added to my day job. But, I have good news. There is a conversion program that was just released to convert this code plug to the format to support the CS750, CS760, CS800 and other radios that use the .RDB extension. I have played with it myself, and it works great! Give it a try.



Thanks for all those who provide feedback to me on new repeaters or updates needed for future releases. Please feel free to share my email with others, I am happy to add them to this distribution list. 

73 de Andrew/K4AWC



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**Ohio MD380/390 Code plug Change Log**

Errors or corrections?: Please notify Andrew/K4AWC

Remember to thank your DMR repeater owner. It is their $$ that is allowing this network to grow and flourish in the state.

New code plug always contains the previous updates noted below.


Code Plug dated 6/8/2017

1. Added TG 313966 to Marysville zone for local communication

2. Added TG 313920 and 313952 to Ashland zone for local communication

3. Added Copley new repeater 444.5125 +5 WB8AVD - Member Brandmeister

4. Added Gallipolis new repeater 444.1125 +5 KD8SPV - Member Brandmeister (some talkgroups)

5. Added Bowling Green new repeater 443.9125 +5 WD8LEI - Member Brandmeister

6. Deleated contacts with no 3139 QSO's in April, May, June 2017

Code Plug dated 5/17/2017

1. Corrected output frequency for the new Marion repeater

2. Added almost every NA talk group to contact list. This should help make it easier for those using FPP for
dongles or when they travel to other areas of US.

3. Renamed channels in the HAMVENTION zone to call sign of repeater. K4USD (Thanks to W2XAB) and N9DMR (Thanks to Tony and Hoosier DMR)

4. Removed the 443.225 analog machine from the Mansfield zone - Repeater has been decommissioned

5. Removed TAC 1 from Brandmeister machines. TAC 1 DOES NOT bridge with CBridge machines as originally thought. TAC 1 still works on CBridge connected machines.

6. Added Marysville new repeater (not yet on air) 443.4500 +5 CC7 K8JWL - Member Brandmeister

7. Added a new Zone called Hamvention-BM. This zone has a Brandmeister repeater slated to be onsite at Hamvention - 440.800 +5 CC1

Code Plug dated 4/11/2017

1. TG 8 (Local 8) for DMR MARC machines was left out of Zone list in last update - Corrected

2. TG 8 (Local 8) for DMR MARC machines was left out of scan list in last update - Corrected

3. Removed random TG's that were added by mistake to DMR MARC ZONES (Cincinnati S, Dayton, Kettering, Piqua)

5. Added Marion new repeater 442.0125 +5 KC8BPE - Member K4USD

Code Plug 4/6/2017

1. Fixed Wellston TG ID 313958 to the correct 313953 in the channel name. Correct TG was always there; just wrong name.

2. Fixed receive group 312. Did not have that TG in the receive group. This would have prevented you from being able to hear any traffic on TG312. Fixed now.

3. Fixed - Mantua had the wrong output frequency. Changed to +5

4. Added Huber Heights new repeater 443.2625 +5 K1CCN - Member of Brandmeister

5. Added Scioto Valley TG (313953) to Hillsboro TS2

6. DMR MARC Repeaters (Cinci S, Dayton, Kettering, Piqua) support reflector linking on TG 9. Added this TG to TS 2.   How to? Located here:

7. Added Minford (Scioto County) new repeater 443.1125 +5 KD8SPV - Member of Brandmeister

8. DMR MARC has removed the following TG's from their machines: TAC 310, UA113, and MIDWEST. This affects Cincinnati South, Dayton, Kettering, and Piqua

9. DMR MARC has removed support TG2 TS2 from thier machines. I have retained that TG on TS2 for LOCAL only communication. This resolves some TS conflict the locals were having with TG8 on TS1. Traffic on Ohio statewide is preventing local communication. This is for Cincinnati South, Dayton, Kettering, and Piqua

10 Users added are from a data dump of TG3139 as of 4/7/2017

Code Plug dated 3/5/2017

1. Fixed - Medina had the wrong frequency. Changed to correct 443.325 +5

2. Chilicothe - Made changes to talk group assigments assigned to what time slots based on trustee feedback

3. Added TG9 TS2 to somem Brandmeister repeaters. This is for Reflector linking. I will expand to more repeaters
during next update.

4. Added Mout Vernon new repeater442.100 +5 KD8EVR - Member of Brandmeister

5. Ohio (3139) has returned to the DMR MARC CBridge. Affected machines (Piqua, Kettering, Dayton, Cincinnati South) have had this TG added back in to the plug for use.

6. Added Ray, Ohio (Jackson County) new repeater 442.225 +5 KD8SPV - Member of Brandmeister

7. Added Wellston, Ohio new repeater 443.250 +5 N8OJ - Member of Brandmeister

8. Added Bainbridge, Ohio (Ross County) new repeater 443.5875 +5 KD8SPV - Member of Brandmeister

9. Marietta: Changed the time slot configuration for many TG's to align with keeping only local traffic on TS 2

10: User database pulled from activitiy to TG 3139 as of 3/6/2017

Code Plug dated 2/06/2017

1. Fixed TG 9 info for Akron

2.Fixed - Had the repeater split wrong for Atwater. Fixed to +5

3. Fixed - Norton MW zone had the wrong receive group selected

4. Due to space limitations, I had to make some changes to what contacts I import. This is the function
that allows your call sign and name to appear on others radios. I now scrape data for those that use
the Ohio Talk Group (3139). Only those that have been heard on that Talk Group will be imported. So if
you have a buddy that is not showing up on your radio, have them go to the 3139 Talk Group for a brief
QSO. I will see their activity at the next update.

5. Discovered an error with Cincinnati South - Had 3169 Midwest on TS 1. Changed to TS 2

6. Discovered an error with Cincinnati North - Had wrong TG for TAC 1 Group List changed to 8951

7. Added Sandusky new repeater 444.7375 +5 KD8AVO - Member of Brandmeister

8. Add Chillicothe new repeater 444.350 +5 KD8SPV - Member of Brandmeister

9. Added a new zone called FPP (Front Panel Programming). With the most recent version of the MD380 software, you have the ability to program the device in the field. This zone has five channels that can be used as a memory type "VFO". Chose what those channels are, based on what you program in them from the settings menu. Great if you travel and dont want to write a full code plug.

10. Renamed the channel named the "Bridge" to "3100" in all zones. This naming better represents what this TG is called by many.

Code Plug dated 1/06/2017

1. Added TAC 310 TS2 to the DMR MARC C-Bridge machines in Cincinnati S, Kettering, Piqua, and Dayton

2. Changed the repeater frequency for the Mentor machine to 443.475 +5

3. Changed the offset on Euclid to a +5 rather than the -5 in past plugs

Code Plug dated: 12/31/2016

1.Changed private call hang time to 7000ms (radio max) to facilitate easier direct call situations

2. Renamed "Springfield N" to "Springfield SW"

3. Renamed "Springfield S" to Springfield Dwtn"

4. Removed analog repeaters out of all scan lists

5. Added Analog repeater 444.200/pl 151.4 to Columbus zone

6. Columbus Zone added the following TG's: TAC 1, UA 113, COMM 2

7. Renamed Painsville to Mentor (based on feedback from repeater trustee)

8. Renamed the Medina 442.475 machine to "Medina BM" - Due to new Medina machine that is on the K4USD C-Bridge

9. Added Medina new repeater 443.475 N8OND - Member of K4USD C-Bridge

10.Added Akron new repeater 443.1125 W8UPD - Member of K4USD C-Bridge (very low profile as of this date. Moving to permanent site soon)

11. Added Ashland new repeater 444.0375 K8IHI - Member of Brandmeister Network (Slated to come online the week of 1/2/17)

12. Mansfield Zone: Dropped "KY" and added "313920" to TS 1 - TG used for local/regional comms

13. Marietta Zone: Added "313938" to TS 2 - TG used for local/regional comms

14. Added "UA 113" talk group to all K4USD C-Bridge repeaters to have a common TG with a DMR MARC C-Bridge repeater (PTT activated)

15. Add "TAC 1" talk group to all C-Bridge & Brandmeister repeaters to have another common TG with repeaters around the state no matter of network connection type.

16. Created a "Ohio Scan List" Zone. This brings a very crude "roaming" like ability to the MD380/390.If you go to this zone while traveling in OHIO, it will scan for OHIO TG activity on all repeaters in the state.
The last repeater that it hears activity on, the radio will allow you to talk on that repeater while still scanning. There are some limitations to this 1) Scanning will wear your battery down quicker than normal 2) You can not transmit
on the OHIO TG till the radio is able to lock on to activity from a repeater.This scan list will help you locate what the closest repeater is to your location. Then you can change to that zone to conserve battery or use other TG's.
This has been tested with mixed results.

17. Removed the Fusion talk group due to lack of activity.

18. Had to remove the North America Brandmesiter emergency (9911) TG from some repeaters due to limited space

19. Ohio has over 1000 digtal user ID's that have been isued by the DMR MARC team. New users will now be issued user ID's that begin wtih "1139" for Ohio.

The MD380 only holds 1000 contacts for both Private Call ID's and Group Call ID's. Some users were not able to be
uploaded to the radio. Please modify this with users you talk to often if you want.