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There's been a lot of activity in the growth of Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) in Ohio lately. Particularily with the Tytera MD-380/390 hand-helds. These little HT's are inexpensive (~$100) and gives everyone the ability to get involved with Digital Radio today.


I also want to mention that there is a very good selection of hand-helds and mobiles from Connect Systems that are also inexpensive and work very well on the DMR systems.  Connect Systems


There's a lot of questions that have arisen from all of this technology. I have gathered up some of the basic reading for the "newbie" as well as the "old timer" in DMR to explain what it is, and how it works for the user. I also strongly advise the "newbie" to go to any one of the "DMR - 101" classes that are popping up all over Ohio. The folks that are conducting these classes have dedicated a lot of time and talent into helping YOU learn about this really fascinating mode. Take advantage of their experience.


Repeater guys, please step in here with any helpful tips or advise you can offer as well. I will be happy to get your comments and advise posted on this page for everyone to learn by.


Here's where you need to start reading up on what it is that you're getting into. Below are some very useful links for you to start your adventure with.


  * DMR-MARC website


  * K4USD website


  * Parts & Accessories for the MD-380/390


  * DV4 Server - Video


  * Amateur Radio Guide to DMR


  * Digitally Speaking  (a great guide to DMR)


  * DMR Best Practice Guide


  * Amateur Radio Digital Hotspot Comparison


  * Shark RF openSPOT K6UDA review - video


Now, if you have decided to get a Tytera MD-380 or 390 Hand-Held radio - they are the same radio except the 390 has GPS built into it. Here's what you need to do after you receive it.


Let's be clear about something..  It will work right out of the box, but for best performance you'll need to make sure that your radio is updated to the latest programming and firmware available. You can go to

 >> Click Here << for the latest updates.


You must also have a registered MARCS ID BEFORE you get on any DMR repeater. It can easily be obtained free of charge through the DMR-MARCS website   >> click here <<  Be sure to read all of the information that is contained on this website before registering.


You can listen in to any of the Brandmeister DMR Activity:  You can also listen to past transmissions on the Ohio Statewide Talkgroup: >> Click Here <<  then select a date that you wish to listen to.


You can also view activity from the K4USD C-Bridge:



OK.. At this point we are going to assume that you've acquired your ID, you'll need to program your radio, and by now you're probably really confused and wondering what the heck you've gotten yourself into and programming this crazy thing looks more like rocket science than anything you can easily do by yourself. I was there too, so I totally understand and I have a solution for you. I have what is called a "codeplug" that will get you started on your way. Now, what is a "codeplug"?  Well, here's the best explanation for it that I've come across..  >> click here <<


There's lot's of "codeplugs" out there and some you'll find useful and some you won't. For Ohio I have a "codeplug" that I think you'll find very useful. It contains all of the DMR Ohio users and repeaters. This "codeplug" was written by Andy Crowl, K4AWC and it is located at the top of this page..


*Don't forget to add your DMR ID to this codeplug. If you want added to Andy’s updated list, please contact Andy directly:


We can list other codeplugs here, if you send them to me - 

Now, all of this is really great if you have a DMR repeater around you. But, what if you don't. You are not left out of all the fun for sure.. Here's just one way of getting in on all this excitement. It's called an openSpot from Shark RF. Here's some details:  >> Click Here <<  including how to get the unit up and running quickly and easily.

Ken has even figured a way to make this openSPOT completely portable. Here's a link >> Click Here << for that.

Hey EMA Directors and Clubs.. This would be a great way for you to help your ARES groups. This would give your ARES group the ability to utilize DMR - System Fusion - D-Star without you having to purchase a repeater. Think about it. Here's another "tool" for the toolbox.


DMR Nets

Please send any corrections, deletions or additional known nets of interest to:



Name of Net Day of Net Time of Net Talk Group
DMR World-Wide Net Saturday 1700 UTC (12 noon EST) TG: 1
BrandMeister Worldwide Net Saturday 1400 UTC (9am EST) TG: 91
TAC310 Net Sunday / Monday 0100 UTC (8pm EST Sunday) TG: 310
QnA Hour Net Sunday ~9pm EST TG: 310
PAPA DMR Roundtable Net Monday 20:00 PDT (11pm EST) TG: 3106
Texas “Tech” Net Tuesday 7 PM (CST) 8 PM (EST) TG: 3148
SNARS DMR Net Tuesday 19:00 PDT (10pm EST) TG: 31268

Ohio ARES Net


Net Preamble

Wednesday 8:30pm EST TG: 3139
North American Tech Net Wednesday 9pm EST TG: 3
The After HamNation Net Wednesday

Following HamNation program

TG: 311
Kentucky ARES Net Thursday 8pm EST TG: 3121
Hytera North American Net Thursday 19:30 PDT (10:30pm EST) TG: 31089


Additional nets that may be of interest - Check them out!!