This is the DMR ID database corrected and reformatted for the TYT MD-9600 and MD-2017, and the Retevis RT90 and RT82 DMR dualband radios.

Now, the TYT MD-9600 and MD-2017, and the Retevis RT90 and RT82 radios will have the callsign and first name of the user on the first line, followed by supporting user data.

The database requires one to upload and flash the 100,000 contact firmware into the radios before the database can be programmed.

The database is current data as of Feb. 4, 2018, and the file size if about 2.4 MB.

The data includes North America plus English speaking countries including the Untied Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

The use of proper abbreviations for states including “USA” for the United States of America were implemented since the radios have just so many lines characters for display.

As of Sunday, Feb. 4, at least a dozen radios have been updated with this database, and this project was started in September with the introduction of the MD-9600.

Dozens of hours of time were invested in this. Over 48,850 lines of data and code were corrected for DMR Marc and user input errors, and extraneous data was purged as necessary.

The data is provided as is, without warranty or guarantee, and is not going to be continuously updated. No support is guaranteed, implied or promised.

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Screen shot of what it will look like