TYT MD-2017 Ohio DMR/Analog

Hello all,

First I would like to thank Andrew/K4AWC for the hard work done on the 380/390 DMR code plug for Ohio Statewide.  If not for his work and commitment, setting this code plug up would have been a much bigger challenge.  I would also like to thank everyone else who has worked on code plugs for other radios.  Your hard work is very much appreciated. 

My goal on this code plug was to make available the duel band capabilities of the TYT MD-2017.  I have set up the zones into the 88 Counties in the state.  I added the DMR side (From K4AWC's code plug) to the appropriate County, and then added the analog (VHF/UHF) repeaters for that area.  I set ONLY the analog side for scan, as most of the DMR side is PTT anyway.  You will see that the DMR side is plugged into the scan areas, but not selected on the channel; you can add those at your leisure.  Some Counties do not have DMR, so they are programmed analog only.  If those Counties get into DMR, I will add those at a later date as they come online.  Some Counties can receive DMR from a neighboring County, but I did not set the code plug up that way. 

Be sure to add your call sign and DMR ID to the General Settings.

I added a zone for the 50 states and D.C.; they are programmed to the Mount Vernon repeater, so you will need to change the frequency to the one you use.  I left the Hamvention attached into its own zone. I also left the FPP (Front Panel Programming) for users in open spot or traveling.  Further you may see some Counties have 2 and 3 zones, this is because they may have 2 or more DMR repeaters, so I broke those Counties into DMR and Analog zones.  I added a Simplex Zone with National Simplex and some random, but you can change those to fit your needs, or use the FPP to add your own.  Last, I added the weather channels into a zone for easier use.

I added the Loudonville repeater W3YXS, I was told they found a new location for it, and it should be online soon.     

This has been a fun challenge to have a radio I can carry Statewide and be able to communicate even if there is no DMR.  I look forward to working on this project further, so please let me know if I have made any mistakes.  Also if there is a repeater that is used often that I did not add for some reason, feel free to contact me at and I will add them. 

If you use a repeater often, please donate to that organization to help with maintenance. 

I hope you enjoy this code plug.  



Update 11/5/17 - The analog channels band width have been fixed to 25kHz, and I made sure the GPS was disabled in digital modes.





Click Here to download the Code Plug

updated: 11/06/2017