Questions About Training?


The Ohio Section has been involved with numerous FEMA exercises that have required all participants to be FEMA trained and certified. These certifications are the backbone to the Incident Command Structure (ICS) that is used in today's emergencies. They explain the relationship between ICS and the National Incident Management System (NIMS).


As such, we are requiring that all of Ohio's ARES folks have the basic ICS training under their belts so that they will be able to function within the FEMA structure when needed.


Question?  What FEMA training is required?

Answer.  Volunteers need to be trained and certified in IS-100b, IS-200b, IS-700a and IS-800b at a minimum.


Question?  What if I cannot find some, any, or all of my FEMA Training Certificates that I had acquired previously?

Answer.  This is actually a three step process. 

Question?  How do I get started in getting these courses?

Answer. Here's a link to get you on your way. Go to :


Question?  Are there other courses that you would recommend that I take if I want to go deeper into my traing?


Answer.  YES.  The NIMS / ICS Courses are numerous, and they can benefit you greatly if you want to expand your training. I would recommend, if you have the time, to take IS 300/400. These two courses go hand-in-hand, and they are taught in a classroom setting only at this time. It is a 3 1/2 day course, but well worth the time to take.



Please send your training documentation (preferably via email) to Scott Yonally, N8SY@N8SY.COM


If you have access only to hard copies, please have a copy of them made (Do Not Send Originals) and mail the copies to Scott at:


258 Valley Hi Drive

Lexington, OH 44904