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This listing was created to help all interested hams in finding a net near them. These nets may or may not handle traffic, but we do encourage everyone to check into a net regularly.


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Lucas County

District 1

Toledo Mobile Radio Association


147.270 / PL 103.5 See notes below 095 Toledo State map highlighting Lucas County


Club Information for this county


The Toledo Mobile Radio Association has  nets every Sunday evening (except holidays) on the frequency of 147.270 with a PL of 103.5.



8:00 PM:NEWCOMERS and ELMERS NET: This net is used to help assist in elmering newer hams and to discuss any thing ham related in a technical sense. We try to keep it a little less than "too" technical so as to not scare away the new  or potential hams. All amateurs are welcome.

On the first Friday of every month Lucas County is scheduled to activate the outdoor warning sirens at 12:00 Noon local time.

This net is open to all amateurs. You do not have to be in Lucas County to participate in this net. This net will take check-ins and then stand-by for the outdoor warning siren test. Upon conclusion of the test, there will be a brief roll call of all stations that have checked in.

The Toledo Mobile Radio Association also has a SIREN  net on the FIRST FRIDAY of the MONTH at 11:45 AM on 147.270 w PL 103.5




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updated: 12/28/2014