Ohio Counties


local nets within those counties


This listing was created to help all interested hams in finding a net near them. These nets may or may not handle traffic, but we do encourage everyone to check into a net regularly.


If you have information about a net, or would like your net listed here, please contact me at:




DEC District

Club /


Frequency Net Date /

Net Time

Notes FIPS Code
County Seat
Erie County

District 1

Ares Net


PL 110.9

8 PM Every Sun. Other needed nets on 146.805 043 Sandusky State map highlighting Erie County
Simplex Net


PL 110.9

* PM 1st Sun each Month  



The information contained on this page may contain errors concerning net times, dates, frequencies or special access information. We do apologize in advance for those errors, and would appreciate knowing about them.



updated: 12/28/2014