Application for ARES Membership / EC / DEC for the Ohio Section

For ARES Membership we now have a Two-Tier system

Tier II membership into ARES will be designated for general membership. Tier II operators will be encouraged to participate in public service events, work projects with equipment and stations, and do the type of work ARES members have done for years. Tier II members will NOT be activated for service during emergencies that involves operation in EOC’s, or for partner agencies who require the FEMA certification. In the event that additional manpower may be needed (The Big One) they, like spontaneous volunteer amateur operators outside ARES, may be assigned to secondary tasks. While ALL time invested by our volunteers is valuable, Tier II operators will be at the “Entry Level” of ARES in Ohio.

Tier I operators in ARES will be those who have completed the four FEMA courses, having certificates on file with both their county EC and the Ohio ARES Training Database. These are the prime operators who will be activated when requested by our partner emergency agencies such as the EMA. We hope to create incentives to entice Tier II operators to upgrade within the ARES system. It will be the duty of each county EC to maintain a roster defining the capabilities of each member, and to maintain an activation system for Tier I members. EC/DEC's are required to be Tier I, AEC’s are strongly suggested to be Tier I operators.

So, we will be strongly encouraging the Tier II members to “upgrade” so that they can have all the benefits as a Tier I member does, being able to register with “Ohio Responds” database for liability protection under the state. FEMA courses are already a requirement for that, and it’s a great benefit that we hope we’ll never need.